Virtual Teams Are Here To Stay. And That’s Great!

The Way We Work Has Changed

Whether your team was remote or colocated before COVID hit, whether or not you were ready to transition to a virtual work environment, we are all in it now.

How well does your team perform when it turned virtual? Are you struggling to figure out whether and how to get everyone to return to the office?

Do you see the same productivity, motivation, and energy? Or has your team succumbed to Zoom fatigue?

What if instead, it was better than ever?

The way we work has been changing for some time now. Remote work was becoming more common. The best and the brightest favored organizations that allowed them to work from home at least some of the time. Many innovative companies experimented with the concept of a Distributed Autonomous Organization.

But it wasn’t for everyone. Or so we thought.

It is for everyone now – and it can be to your benefit if you play this right!

The old ways weren’t really working all that well. In a recent survey, only about 1 in 5 respondents said they were getting value out of being a member of their team.

If we asked your team, what would they say?

It needs to be a resounding Yes.

In today’s environment, we have to reimagine our relationships and our commitments to each other and to our organizations.

New, previously unimaginable ways of collaboration give every team member an opportunity to shine.

Most of all, we have seen that a new kind of leadership is required.

Andrew Perry, the founder and principal consultant here at Tidal Wave Solutions, ran high performing distributed teams for the past 15 years. Building on his expertise, we apply cutting-edge research in organizational development, management, and psychology to help your business thrive.

We constantly test and evaluate new technologies and ideas. Because of this, we can offer you a curated cohesive set of systems and processes tailored to your team.

We’d be delighted to share with you everything we know about building and running virtual teams in a way that taps into their full creative potential and commitment and maximizes their ability and determination to generate maximum value for stakeholders.

What we can help you do

  • Clarify and track strategic goals
  • Identify gaps and strengthen your business model
  • Diagnose and optimize business systems, processes, and team dynamics
  • Lead your team to take ownership of their collective results and deliver more and faster than ever before
  • Consolidate business information systems and streamline your company toolbox
  • Create detailed plans, improve resource allocation, and align activities with your strategic goals
  • Find ways to improve return on investment and scale your business

Most requested services

Team Diagnostics

Are your best people overwhelmed? Are they on the verge of leaving? What can you do to have your team perform at its best?

Process Review

Do your processes support the growth you envision? Is your company ready to scale?

Systems Audit

How are your business systems keeping up? How can you reduce manual interventions and improve consistency?

Let’s Talk

What would you like to achieve? Let’s have a conversation about how best to get the results you want.

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